7 Telltale Signs You Need Furnace Repair

As a homeowner, it’s important to recognize the signs of a failing furnace. Here are seven signs that you’re in need of furnace repair.

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7 Telltale Signs You Need Furnace Repair

7 Telltale Signs You Need Furnace Repair

Consumer Affairs recently released a report on the most typical home repairs. Furnace repair is high on the list of common issues, with roughly one in five respondents saying their heating system required a repair.

The home furnace is a vital part of your health and safety. You must take great care of it because it takes great care of you and your belongings.

If you are not a trained professional when it comes to understanding the mechanics of a home furnace system, you may wonder how to tell you need furnace repair. Even if you are not a professional, some obvious signs will give you a clue it is time to get help.

Keep reading to discover the telltale signs you need a furnace repair right away.

1. Starting the Home Furnace Is Challenging

Your furnace system will age. As it does, you eventually find that turning the unit on is a challenge. It may also be difficult to keep it running.

If it takes a few attempts to start it, or throughout the day, you need to restart it; you are likely experiencing furnace problems that require a furnace repair.

Often, furnace issues like this result from damaged thermostats or disconnected wiring. Instead of replacing the entire furnace system, you only need a professional to replace a specific part to repair it.

2. Pilot Light Is Discolored

You should periodically check the health of your home furnace, and one way to do this is to pay attention to the pilot light’s color. Usually, a good furnace system has a blue pilot light.

However, if you see a different color than usual, particularly yellow, this is a sign of furnace issues and a ventilation problem. When carbon monoxide is not dissipating correctly, the gases cause a color change.

This is a tremendous concern. First, it can lead to health issues for you and your loved ones. Second, your home furnace could be more combustible if you do not call a professional to fix it.

3. You Have Furnace Leaks

The most obvious sign you need a furnace repair is that your home furnace is leaking gases or fluids. This is another inspection you should do regularly to see if your furnace system is leaking. You can inspect for condensation around the unit or if the furnace has standing water near it.

Check for gas leaks. If you hear hissing or smell something that seems like rotten eggs, and it is coming from the vents, leave your home immediately. Contact both the gas company and an HVAC professional to help you fix it.

4. You Hear Strange Noises

A broken furnace or old furnace is likely to have occasional rattling, squealing, or creaking sounds. If you are hearing squealing, this could mean it is your motor bearings in need of furnace repair. Loose blower assembly parts can sound like rattling and creaking.

Once you hear noises from your home furnace that are abnormal, ask a professional to inspect them. Letting it go will give the problem time to progress, and could leave you with much bigger, more expensive furnace issues.

5. Utility Bill Is Going Up

Recent statistics show that most families will spend approximately $2,000 annually on energy bills. Half of the cost of their energy bills will allocate toward keeping their home warm or cool.

As a home furnace system ages, it becomes less efficient. Dust, debris, and parts that wear out lead to a less efficient furnace system. When a furnace system is not efficient, it must work harder and longer to maintain the appropriate temperature indoors.

Furnace issues like this can lead to higher electricity bills because it consumes more power. If your furnace problems are causing your utility bills to skyrocket, call a professional right away to get a furnace repair.

6. The Furnace Short Cycles

If your home furnace is going on and off more than usual, this means it is experiencing short cycles. This will not keep your home warm. Furnace problems that are this big mean urgent repair.

Clogged blowers and air filters can cause short cycles. Heat exchangers that are overheating can also cause this issue.

The furnace system must shut down. It will turn on again as soon as the heat exchange can cool down.

7. Poor Air Quality

When your home’s air environment seems too stuffy with no good reason for it, this could result from furnace issues. When a heater is at fault, it could circulate pollen, mildew, dust, and allergens. This harms your air quality and your health.

When the health of you and your loved ones is in jeopardy of allergies and respiratory illnesses, it is time to get help and ask about a furnace repair. Usually, it could be due to air filters that are broken. No matter how big or small the furnace issues are, you want a professional to help you better identify the furnace problems.

Need Furnace Repair? Here Is Your Best Choice.

When you experience furnace issues, it does not always mean you need a new furnace system. That is why with American Energy, we prioritize furnace repair over new installation.

A new furnace system is an enormous investment. We get it. Not to worry, because we offer free consultations to help you better understand your options.

At American Energy, we offer financing options and rebates too, for customers who may qualify.

Are you experiencing these telltale signs? Don’t wait for furnace repair. Contact American Energy today!

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