Why You Need an AC Tune-up Before Summer

If you want your air conditioner to be able to combat the summer heat, you need to schedule an AC tune-up before the season arrives. Learn why here.

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How Often Should Homeowners in Sacramento Service Their HVAC System?

Why You Need an AC Tune-up Before Summer

According to statistics, 91% of US households have air conditioning. 

Although most Americans have an AC unit in their home, there’s one critical maintenance task that many AC owners forget about. This is a pre-summer AC tune-up. 

Getting an AC tune-up before the Sacramento summer temperatures hit is a smart decision. Tuning up your AC can reduce your energy costs, improve your indoor air quality, lengthen the lifespan of your unit, and more. 

If you skip this important maintenance step, any money you “save” will be eaten up by efficient energy usage, and an increased need for HVAC maintenance services in the future. 

Read on for some of the top reasons why tuning up your AC before this Sacramento summer is here is a savvy move. 

Better Cooling Capability

One of the first reasons to get an air conditioning tune-up is it will increase the cooling capacity of your unit. If your AC system is laboring under blocked filters, dirty condenser coils, dirty ducts, or decreased refrigerant—it won’t be able to reliably cool your home. 

If there is an issue in your system, cranking up the thermostat generally won’t help. If the unit can’t produce or circulate cold air properly, it will struggle to maintain cool temperatures in your home. 

If you get an AC tune-up before summer, your HVAC technician will check your entire AC system to make sure that all components are ready to rock and roll for summer. 

Less AC Downtime

If your AC hasn’t received a tune-up, there’s a higher chance that it will grind to a halt during the summer. Having your AC suddenly stop working during Sacramento’s hottest time of the year is no fun. 

The whole point of having air conditioning is so you can rely on it to keep your home cool. What’s more, there’s a good chance that if your unit is going to malfunction, it will do so in the peak of summer when components have to work the hardest. 

If this happens it can be highly inconvenient.

The peak summer months are the time of year when HVAC companies get the most call-outs. If all the technicians in your area are booked back to back, it can be hard to schedule a fast call-out. Instead, you might end up waiting a number of days before the technicians arrive and get your unit up and running again. 

If you live in an area that gets very hot in summer as it does in Sacramento, unexpected problems with your AC could even mean that you need to call in an after-hours repair service. This will cost far more than a scheduled HVAC tune-up.

Fewer AC Maintenance Costs

Besides reducing after-hours call-out fees, doing a pre-summer AC tune-up can also lower your overall AC maintenance costs. 

If you make it a habit to schedule an AC tune-up each year, the technicians will be able to do preventative maintenance. In other words, they’ll be able to fix problems before they cause further issues.

For instance, if your air filter needs replacing, or your refrigerant is low, this can place strain on your motor. If you don’t get this attended to, your motor might burn out. If this happens, you’ll be left with a far high maintenance bill than if you simply had the filters replaced or refrigerant topped up.

You’ll Save on Energy Bills

One of the biggest benefits of getting an AC tune-up each summer is that you may save substantially on energy bills. 

According to estimates, 60% of the energy used in households goes to waste. Inefficient, poorly-maintained AC systems can be a big contributor to energy waste in the home. 

If your AC system is in need of maintenance, it will need to work harder. The more clogged your filters and vents are, the more the system will have to work to push cool air out. If your refrigerant is running low or your coils aren’t working efficiently, the system will have to cycle much harder to try and maintain cool temperatures in your home. 

Estimates state that space heating and air cooling are responsible for 51% of the average home’s energy usage. If your AC system isn’t running efficiently, it could consume up to 20% more energy. 

Your Air Conditioning Unit Will Last Longer

Another important reason to get an AC tune-up is that it will help prolong the lifespan of your unit. If you get an air conditioning tune-up each year, your unit will stay in better running condition. 

Keeping your unit well-serviced and maintained helps to ensure that components don’t take unnecessary strain. If parts are replaced at the right time, and the system is kept at peak efficiency, your overall system will last far longer than if you leave it to struggle along in a compromised condition. 

You Might Need a Yearly AC Tune-up to Maintain Your Warrantee 

Because tuning up your AC each year can extend its lifespan, it might also be a requirement in your warranty policy. Some AC warranty policies require homeowners to have a yearly HVAC tune-up done in order for the warranty policy to remain valid. 

An AC Tune-up Can Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality 

Sacramento ranks among the filthiest for air quality in California and the US.

Indoor air quality can be an important health factor, and doing an AC tune-up is one of the easiest ways to improve your home’s air quality.

If your air filter and vents are choked with dust build-up, your AC system won’t be able to clean the circulated air properly. Not only will it work harder, but more dust particles will wind up back in your home’s air. 

If you schedule an air conditioning tune-up, the technicians will replace any clogged filters and remove excess dust build-up from your vents. 

Are You Ready to Book an AC Tune-Up?

Booking an AC tune-up is one of the best things you can do for your HVAC system. Not only will it reduce the need for emergency maintenance and call-outs, but it can also extend the lifespan of your system, improve your home’s air quality, and save you money on your energy bills. 

Ready to schedule an AC tune-up?

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How Often Should Homeowners in Sacramento Service Their HVAC System?