8 Common Reasons You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair in Folsom, California

Your HVAC is key to your home’s comfort. Here are the HVAC problems and reasons you might need air conditioning repair in Folsom, California.

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8 Common Reasons You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair in Folsom, California

8 Common Reasons You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair in Folsom, California

Did you know that more than half of the average home’s energy use is for climate control?

If your air conditioner is in need of HVAC maintenance, it probably isn’t running efficiently and could be eating even more energy than usual per month, causing your electricity bill to skyrocket. 

This is just one of the reasons why you might need to schedule air conditioning repair in Folsom, California. 

If you don’t address problems in your system as they arise, you’ll not only waste money on your utility bill, but you might also shorten the lifespan of your unit, and experience unreliable operation. 

Avoid this and continue reading to find out some of the common reasons why you might need HVAC repairs carried out. 

1. Poor Airflow

One of the common signs that you might need HVAC maintenance is if you’re experiencing poor airflow.

If the airflow coming out of your vents feels weak or erratic, this could indicate that:

  • Your air filters need cleaning or replacement
  • Your ducts and vents are dirty or clogged
  • Your system’s motor is struggling to circulate air
  • The coils are dirty or damaged
  • Refrigerant levels are low

Besides these causes, poor airflow can also be caused by cracks and holes in your air ducts. Leaking ducts can waste a lot of valuable cool air and energy. An HVAC repair service will be able to accurately diagnose the problem for you.

2. Your Utility Bills Are Rising

If your system is in need of HVAC maintenance, this can severely impact its running efficiency. The harder your system has to work to create cool air, the more energy it will use. 

For instance, if the air filters are clogged, the motor will have to work harder to push the air through them. Estimates reveal that simply replacing a dirty air filter can drop your system’s energy usage by 5-15%

If your energy bills have been rising recently, and you haven’t added any new appliances or energy-consuming systems (such as pool heaters, pumps, etc.) there’s a good chance that your AC unit is in need of HVAC repairs. 

3. The Temperature Is Eratic

Another sign that you might need air conditioning repair in Folsom, California is if your indoor temps are erratic. There’s no denying that California is getting hotter, but this doesn’t mean that the temps in your home should be all over the place while you’re running your AC. 

Temperature fluctuations could indicate that your system is laboring under a fault. For instance, if the AC unit can’t seem to combat midday temps, this could be a sign that your motor is struggling, or that there is a problem with your condenser coils. It could also be that your filters and ducts are dirty.

Another possible cause of uneven temperatures is problems with your thermostat. If your thermostat is faulty, it won’t regulate the temperature accurately. 

If some rooms are warmer than others, this could also indicate a problem with your ductwork. 

4. Your System Runs Continuously

Does your HVAC motor seem to run continuously? If yes, this is not normal. An HVAC system should cycle on and off, similar to a refrigerator. 

If your system is running non-stop, this could indicate a problem with either the motor or fan which should be checked out immediately. If your AC motor runs most of the time, this will waste a lot of power, and it can also cause further problems with the rest of the system. 

5. Your Ducts Are Dirty

Another common sign that it’s time to schedule an HVAC maintenance service is that your ducts are dirty. If you’ve noticed a lot of dust build-up around your vents, this is a pretty good indication that the ducts are also dirty. 

Dirty ducts inhibit airflow and make your system run harder than it should. It can also exacerbate things like dust allergies and lower the quality of your indoor air. 

6. Your System Is Making Strange Noises

Is your HVAC system making cranking, rattling, or banging sounds? If so, this is a sign that you need to schedule an HVAC maintenance service as soon as possible. 

Strange sounds coming from your AC unit can indicate minor problems, such as loose parts or refrigerant piping, or even broken screws. However, if you leave these issues and don’t carry out preventative maintenance, they can damage your system further and trigger bigger, more costly fixes. 

7. There Are Weird Smells Coming From Your Vents

If there are strange odors coming out of your vents, this is another reason to carry out HVAC maintenance. 

If you’re smelling singed odors, this can be a serious problem. It can indicate that your system is running hot and that some components are exposed to excessive heat levels. 

Musty smells can indicate excessive moisture build-up and mold in your vents. While this doesn’t usually expose your system to immediate threat, it does indicate that it’s not running at optimal levels. It can also mean that you and your family are being exposed to mold spores, which can have a significant impact on respiratory health. 

8. You Haven’t Done Regular Preventative Maintenance

Have you yet to carry out preventative maintenance on your HVAC system? That alone is a sign you should call in a team of HVAC maintenance professionals. 

HVAC systems have multiple components and have to handle various environmental elements, such as airborne dust and outside debris such as leaves. Because they not only cool but also clean air, it’s essential that you carry out preventative maintenance on a regular basis, such as changing out air filters and scheduling pre-summer HVAC tune-ups

If you haven’t been tending to these HVAC maintenance tasks, the best thing to do is call in an HVAC repair service so they can check the system out, and diagnose and fix any problems before they develop into larger issues. 

Do You Need Air Conditioning Repair in Folsom, California?

Is your system displaying any of these common issues? If yes, don’t ignore them. The longer you leave HVAC problems, the bigger and more costly they can get.

In the meantime, you and your family may be stuck with erratic cooling levels and a noisy or smelly system that might be posing a health hazard. 

Are you in need of air conditioning repair in Folsom, California? We are a team of reliable professionals. We offer affordable prices and have an abundance of great reviews from past customers and many years of experience in the industry.

Schedule a repair callout today and get your system running at peak performance. 

8 Common Reasons You Might Need Air Conditioning Repair in Folsom, California