Modern battery storage technology lets homeowners use solar energy to cut costs and protect the environment even when the sun isn’t shining. Electriq Power’s IQ system works with new or existing home solar panels to store energy, reduce utility costs, and provide backup power during outages. Here’s how solar energy storage works in Electriq Power’s IQ battery systems.

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Solar Power When It’s Needed

 When a home’s solar panel system generates more energy than the household requires, surplus electricity can be stored in a backup battery. When Electriq Power’s IQ battery system detects a power outage, it automatically begins to use the home’s backup power supply. Homeowners can also turn to the electricity stored in an Electriq battery when solar panels aren’t producing enough power on their own during cloudy days or at night.

Other Capabilities of Electriq IQ Systems

In addition to its ability to store energy and provide backup power, Electriq Power’s IQ system gives homeowners more control over their solar power usage. As a “smart” home energy control system, it monitors and analyzes weather patterns, utility rates, historical solar production levels, and energy consumption data to optimize electricity use and meet users’ consumption goals. Electriq Power’s IQ system also pairs with a mobile application and “smart” thermostats to offer homeowners additional control over their solar energy consumption. 

How Long Do Electriq Power Batteries Last?

A standard Electriq IQ system battery can help to power a home for hours on a single charge. Typically, the battery will charge and drain itself each day, but it can also be adjusted so that it’s used for backup storage only. As with other lithium-ion batteries, an Electriq battery will lose some of its ability to hold a charge over time, but its software is designed to help the battery retain efficient storage capacity for as long as possible.

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